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The Progenitor
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Catha'pral, Apr 9, 13 12:22 AM.
2.0 Is coming up today! Can't wait! :D

I re-checked some videos that we did together raiding and I can't belive how fun it is. I miss that! Now that it will be back I can't wait to have you all back on active duty!


Catha'pral, Feb 1, 13 8:27 PM.
We are recruiting:

(1) HEALER - SAGE or TROOPER (preferably sage)

(1) RANGED Damage Dealer - Gunslinger, Commando or Sage (anyone accepted)


- Our urgent matter is healer.
- They must be experienced or/and be able to adapt fast to new situations.
- HM Asation ready, 61/63 gear at least.
- Skilled
- Able to cope with schedueled ops.

Hardcore raiding

Catha'pral, Dec 11, 12 6:28 PM.
Starting to raid again as a guild. New gear is up, we have new stuff to do so this game has just became interesting again.

Since we all like a challange, good thing we let the other guilds take a head start.
We left them enough time, now let's catch up and do better in lower gear. :D

Currently only for back-up healing and back-up tanking.

Hardcore experience, Shitty gear :) (we love a challange) and being capable to learn from the best to become the best.

Rules and Info

Shinkay, May 2, 12 4:35 AM.

Rules and info!

Some rules and Guild info.We'r an end game guild so this is what you have to do.
1. If an OP is planed for this week and you are supposed to go don't do it whit someone else.
2.100k on Saturday from each member and everything in Scumbox is free.

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